canberra-social-media7 Your customer… That special person you want to sell your amazing product or service to, that person who tells their friend/s about your business, that person who turns your hobby into a living. Phwoarrrr that’s a lot of pressure on your customer don’t you think?!?! How about we turn that pressure around and focus on you, the business owner, you’re the one who has ultimate control of your customer (in a complete non global denomination kinda way I might add!). When you commit to social media you commit to serving your customer and while that sounds like more work it is actually a lot of fun and totally worth it! You’ll build a VIP list of loyal customers, a lot of new friends and most importantly people who love your business. These people are your brand advocates- treat them well and they’ll return the favour. I’m going to share a few of my top tips for connecting with customers over the next few posts. Here’s numero uno:

Listen, listen listen

We’re using social media to connect with businesses these days and it’s super convenient that we can leave a message at any hour of the day (or night). Remember when you used to call a business and chat to them? You’d get the info you needed on the spot (unless you got the engaged dial tone or message bank) but sadly this interaction can get lost in social media and a lot of companies are ignoring valuable interactions. This is a mega fail in my mind and it infuriates me when a business does not get back to me! Of course there are some posts you choose to ignore because they don’t add value but if someone has taken the time to contact you please show some respect and respond. If someone asks me a question, leaves feedback on my product or posts a compliment I always respond even if it’s as simple as ‘Thanks hun!’. Offer your assistance and answer their questions- they are genuinely trying to find out some information from you. The feel good experience of having the business owner respond to me (yep it’s all about me, the customer) makes me feel special, makes me feel worthy of their time and ultimately makes me love their brand more. My brain gets excited because ‘they took time out of their busy day just for me!’ and you know what happens when I love your brand more? I tell more people about you, I comment and like more of your social media posts, I share your posts with people, I actively promote your good service and I buy more of your product. What are you waiting for? Start listening to your customer, offer some exceptional customer service and show that you’re really interested in your customers. The costs associated with this are your time but it’s far cheaper than paid promotion and you’re developing genuine connections.


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