Spray Paint is a bit magic I think. With a bit of practice, it goes on most surfaces and gives a perfect finish, it’s so easy to use, doesn’t leave too much mess, and dries quickly. And makes stuff look awesome, fresh, and new.

This Vintage frame (with mirror) was given to me by my Nandy about 15 years ago. A few years after she gave it to me, it got knocked off the wall and the frame broke into 4 pieces, but luckily the oval mirror stayed intact. I kept the pieces for many, many years with the intention to fix it, and after moving into our home I decided to repair the frame and give it a makeover.

DIY frame repair

I have no idea why I waited so long to do the repair, as it was SO easy, it only took about 20 minutes. I used liquid nails to fix the pieces together when they had broken, then gave it two coats of Satin Black White Knight Spray Paint, and popped the mirror back in.

DIY Frame Repair

You can see the join where I glued the frame back together, I was a bit messy with the glue but I don’t mind, it has a history.

DIY Frame Repair

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, I love the black and I’m glad I could give it a new life in my home.

DIY Frame Repair

These images were originally posted on MikaelaDanvers.com, Mikaela’s personal blog.

What do you think of my “just cover everything in spray paint” restoration style? Are you the same, or do you prefer to restore vintage items to their natural sate?