This post was originally posted on, Mikaela’s personal blog.

Since my Home Office is now awesomely lovely, and I had an empty Biscotti tin and some pretty fabric, I thought I might make a cute pencil tin to keep my desk tidy!

Step 1.

Find yourself a tin.

DIY Pencil Tin

Step 2.

Find some pretty fabric scraps, big enough to go around the tin twice fabric scraps

Step 3.

Give it a good coat of Mod Podge or similar gluey type stuff, and wrap your fabric around the tin, smoothing it down as you go (go around the tin twice to make sure the tin graphics don’t show through the fabric). Tape the fabric over the top lip of the tin and inside with some duct tape. modpodge your tin

Step 4.

Tada! You’re done. That was easy right? Now go do one yourself and show me how you went! DIY pencil tin finished