Guest post by Angie.

I love the beginning of winter. I’m a sucker for a scarf and a jacket and winter makes them compulsory. One of the other things that I love about having to wear a scarf and jacket is that I get to bring out my brooch collection. (I’m a sucker for a good brooch!)

This year I thought I would have a crack at making my own brooch. It’s super simple to do and really inexpensive so it’s a great way to make something fashionable that won’t break the bank (which is also a great thing if you have a habit of losing them like I do!).

Fabric and Wood Hot AIr Balloon Brooch

I’ve put together a tutorial on how I made them so you too can make your own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hot Air Balloon Wooden Flourishes

Brooch Pin


Adhesive such as Mod Podge


Now I used a hot glue gun, but you could just as easily use Mod Podge. In fact Mod Podge would be better as it seals the fabric at the same time so it will stop it from fraying. I just used fray stopper with my creations.

Here’s how you do it:

(If you want to see images of a particular step let me know and I’ll amend the tutorial to show the image.)

1. Select the wooden flourish you’re going to use (I used a large hot air balloon, a camera and a sewing machine).

2. Select the fabric you want to use. (I just went through my scrap bin and auditioned a bunch of different fabrics; the fabric I ended up using is Tula Pink’s Sunset.) The fabric needs to be larger than the embellishment you’re going to use; unless you’re using the sewing machine and if this is the option you’ve gone for you just need to pick a piece that’s in scale with the machine.

3. Put glue around the edge of your embellishment (so in my case that’s the large hot air balloon and camera) IF you are backing your embellishment in fabric.

IF you’ve opted for the sewing machine you just need to put the glue on the back AND front of the sewing space where you’ll be hanging the material (see picture below for guidance).

IMG_5702…glue was applied to the back (in line with the needle) and the front (in line with the needle)…

(Be careful on this step to just put enough glue on there to secure the fabric. You don’t want to flood the piece and have glue squish around the sides. Also, if you’re using a hot glue gun you don’t want to use too much because you may (I did) burn your fingers when attaching the material!)

4. Put the glue side of the embellishment on to the fabric (fabric needs to be right side up).

5. Let the glue set. (This is where you get to go and check to see what’s in the fridge, check the mailbox, call a friend, play some Hay Day – whatever will keep you occupied for 5 minutes.)

6. Once the glue has set check to see if the fabric has not adhered anywhere. (So check to make sure it’s not pulling away from the back of your embellishment.) If there are gaps carefully add extra adhesive and let it set again. (Again, be mindful not to burn yourself!)

IF you’ve opted for the sewing machine this is where you should put some fray stopper or Mod Podge around the piece of fabric you’re using to stop the threads from unraveling. (Remember it will make the fabric stiff!)

7. With the fabric firmly attached to your embellishment, use your scissors to trim the excess fabric off. (This was where having pointed sharp scissors came in handy! The other option is to use a hobby knife. Basically you want to trace around the edge of the embellishment and remove the excess fabric and glue.)

8. Use your adhesive to attach the brooch back. (Where you position the brooch back is up to you, I put all of mine at the top of the embellishment in a place where you wouldn’t see the brooch back from the front – but it’s really up to you where you want to attach it. Obviously, if you attach it too far down gravity will make it droop forward so try to keep that in mind when choosing your placement.)

IMG_5704…if you look closely on this one you can see where I got glue happy and had problems with excess glue being squeezed out of the sides…

9. Give the glue time to dry and then Bob your Uncle you’ve got a new fashion accessory to see you through the winter!

All the items you need to make these brooches can be found at Shop Creative. If you can’t see something you’d like, just let me know and I’ll help you find it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial – make sure you let us know how you go and post any photos of your projects to Instagram (#CanberraCreatives) and our facebook page!