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Hey all you creative types! I bet you have a little inkling in the back of your mind (or maybe a big massive inkling front and centre) that you want to live a more creative life, making a living from your passion and following your dreams to run your own, profitable, self-sustaining small business.

Well! Do I have just the thing for you =)

The Right Brain Business Plan (aka The Small Business Workshop) with Canberra Creatives will be run again on Saturday 14th June, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. You know how I just opened my own bricks and mortar space, and it’s really rad, and I’m working full time on something I love? It’s all because of doing this workshop myself, in January of 2013.

Here is something one of our last participants has to say about the workshop:

“This course was the perfect kickstart for my business idea and it gave me an incredible amount of clarity and motivation to pursue my dream. I like that the group was small and communication was encouraged. It felt very supportive and encouraging, which is a far cry from the formal business studies that I am used to. I especially like being able to connect to the ‘community’ on Facebook.”

And here’s another:

“I really enjoyed completing the Right Brain Business Plan course with Canberra Creatives at the Makers’ Hub. I walked in to the course with a million ideas for potential businesses but nothing concrete. The pre-course work and meditation at the start of the day really helped me clarify what I enjoy and what I am good at doing. Mikaela is a fantastic facilitator, very inclusive and was excellent at keeping us focussed on the task at hand. I am really looking forward to completing my post-course work and fleshing out my business plan.

Thank you Canberra Creatives!”

Want in on the running-my-own-business-and-loving-it goodness?

Book your place HERE!

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