It’s that time of year again, Leonie Dawson has released her 2016 Create Your Shining Year Workbooks.

Like I mentioned last year, I LOVE how colourful, creative and actionable these workbooks are for your business (and your life!).

The crazy thing is, this year, I know Leonie personally.

See this image here?

That was taken in The Makers’ Hub! That’s my Nandy’s lampshade in the background, and my hand-sewn bunting in the window!

It was such a treat getting to work with Leonie for a full day in the studio, shooting video and images for her 2016 product launch.

If you go to the main sales page on her website and watch the videos, you can hear baby Harriet talking a few times in the background… and I’ve got a little cameo appearance in the video that shows how the workbooks changes lives (around the 3:37 mark) 😉

Bonus points to anyone who can spot my hands in the stop-motion video showing the insides of all of the products, including the workbooks for biz and life, the planner and the notepads (which have already completely sold out!).

So if you love a bit of colour and creativity mixed with your business planning, jump on over to the website and have a looksie to see if these workbooks are the right fit for you =)

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Leonie Dawson products, so if you click through from this page and end up purchasing any of her products, I will earn a commission from your purchase (so if you end up ordering, THANK YOU for your support!). I have a very strict personal affiliate policy in which I will only promote products or companies I have personally purchased and worked with, and would recommend to my friends and family (even without the commission), so you can rest assured everything I’ve stated in this post is my own opinion about the products and/or services.