Take 30 minutes today to:

Decorate your wall with electrical tape

creative challenge wall-upgrade

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My 30 Day Creative Challenge is designed to boost your creativity, get your hands moving and make your brain happy! I challenge you to set aside just 30 minutes (or less!) per day, every day in November to make something, to form creativity as one of your daily habits.

For more info about the Challenge, why you should join in and how to do it, check out the main 30 Day Creative Challenge post.

Remember, you can join in with todays prompt, or work on your own project, it can be whatever you like! Just remember to post a photo and tag it with #makers30days on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! Have a look at what everyone else has going on, like and comment on pics to encourage the community =)



This project is so simple, and a great way to update an interior really easily to suit your personal style. The best part is, electrical tape comes off walls super easily, so this is perfect for renters or kids to try! You can take a whole wall of crosses down in a matter of minutes =)

You will need

✚ One roll of electrical tape – OR a roll of Washi Tape of you want it more colourful

✚ Scissors

✚ A wall or door to decorate

What to do

Step one ⋙ Cut loads of little strips of tape, they don’t need to be exactly the same length but about the same is good

Step two ⋙ Stick one strip over the halfway point of another to form an “X” or a “+” and stick them to the wall, either in an even pattern or randomly!

electrical tape wall decor creative challenge

electrical tape wall decor creative challenge

electrical tape wall decor creative challenge

electrical tape wall decor creative challenge

electrical tape wall decor creative challenge


Make sure you post a pic of you making stuff everyday online and tag it with #makers30days on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook… like and comment on somebody else’s pic once or more a day to help grow the community spirit of this creative challenge and encourage one another to get all the way to day 30!

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