This is a super easy way to make removable cushion covers that look great, but are really quick and easy to sew, and don’t need zippers or buttons.

All you need is a squishy cushion, a length of fabric the width of your cushion and twice and a bit the length (the “and a bit” is the overlap at the back, instead of a zipper of button closures), and the basic sewing ingredients (sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins).

And there’s only 4 steps! It honestly takes 10 minutes or less to whip this baby up (it took me longer to do this one as I was stopping every minute to take a photo, but I don’t think it took longer than 15 anyway).

1. Gather your supplies (easiest step ever?). Oh, step 1b. Cut fabric to length and hem the ends.

I used some leftover upholstery fabric from my DIY Glider Cushion Covers, such a gorgeous shade of deep purple:

2. Measure your fabric around your cushion, allowing about 5cm (2″) overlap (put one pin on the bottom layer as an indication of where your top layer should reach to). Take the cushion out, and chuck a few pins in to hold it together while you sew.

3. Sew down the sides. I did a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch because I had to sew pretty close to the edge (my fabric was only just as wide as my cushion). Turn inside out (to the right way), shove your cushion in.

4. Ta-Da! Easy peasy, no? =D

This post was originally posted on, Mikaela’s personal blog.