For the last few of years we have had a traditional Christmas pine from the Christmas Tree Keng farm just outside of Canberra. We went out to the farm, picked out our tree, cut it down ourselves and brought it back home in the back of my little Honda Jazz. I highly recommend doing this, it’s a really cool experience and half the fun is finding just the right tree at the farm (and they are way better than any I’ve ever got from anywhere else in Canberra).

DIY christmas tree Canberra

In the past I have also had various “alternative” trees (dead branches trimmed with silver tinsel, gum tree branches, etc etc) and this year I wanted to get a bit creative again with our tree.

So off I went to Bunnings (after a slight issue with customer service at Fyshwick I went to the Belconnen store, which is always a pleasant experience) and picked up my supplies.

DIY christmas tree Canberra

  • • 2 x 2.4m lengths untreated pine
  • • 1 x liquid nails + trigger gun

That’s it!

I asked the cutter guy to cut me the following lengths:

  • • 1 x 1m
  • • 1 x 0.8m
  • • 1 x 0.6m
  • • 1 x 0.4m
  • • 10 x 0.2m

DIY christmas tree Canberra

DIY christmas tree Canberra

Then I went home and glued together my tree. I laid 2 of the 20cm lengths vertically (looking down at the table) as the “stand”, and then built the shelves from there. I don’t really have any explicit instructions here because you can do it however you like, but I tried to make everything fairly symmetrical so it would be balanced. I also kept a brick on each shelf for about 5 minutes as I went, to make sure it was all weighed down and the glue was adhering properly.

You could get all fancy with screws or nails, but I wanted a quick and easy DIY, and liquid nails was the answer.

DIY christmas tree Canberra

Once the shelving was done, it was just a matter of trimming the tree. I did start out by winding the bud lights around the shelving, but because the wiring is dark green, it kinda just looked like barbed wire and completely ruined the “scandi/minimalist” look I was aiming for, so I ended up un-winding the whole thing and going to work on the back of the shelving, taping the lights along each shelf. And of course I used cute washi tape to stick it all together! (#101usesforwashi). I also got some pretty lantern balls from Typo recently so I put them along underneath the bottom shelf.



I sprinkled some cute tree confetti from the dollar store on the shelves, then I used blu-tak (high tech in here!) to stick some tassels and other hanging ornaments on the back of the tree. 
DIY Christmas Tree canberra
Finally I placed all our special ornaments on the shelf in a strategic arrangement. And then, the lights go on for the big reveal!





ornaments2 christmas-mix


I love our alternative to a traditional Christmas Tree this year (pleased I managed to get it up so early this year without too much complaining from my family!). Please let me know what you think??


And let us all know if you have ever done an “alternative” tree, feel free to share a photo too!