Well my birthday has passed so I’m ready to go all-out Christmas explosion now! I’m going to bring my DIY Christmas Tree into The Hub this week, and make the place all festive =)

Five years ago I made a DIY Christmas Wreath, and can you believe it, I STILL put it up every year! It’s getting a little loose and slightly falling-apart-at-the-seams-ish now (this was before I knew how to use a hot glue gun properly!), so I might just have to pull it apart and make another one, beef it up a bit… But here is what I did all those years ago (originally posted on my personal blog, mikaeladanvers.com):


This year I decided to make a wreath from twigs and ribbon. As it turned out, I used the remnants to the dead tree killed by the kitty cats, recycling is in my friends! Inspired by a star shaped wreath I saw in the December issue of Martha Stewart (gt my first copy last week, not as awesome as I was expecting actually…) I used an old coat hanger as the base and added twigs, ribbon and little Chrissy star decorations to give it some oomph.

I’m not going to do a step-by-step on this one as it really was trial and error and making it up as I went along… it was pretty tricky to get the twigs to stay together, I used good old sticky tape, and then just the ribbon to tie them together. Then tied some more ribbons and stuck on the little silver and red stars. You can see photos of the process on my Christmas Wreath flickr set.

I did want it to be a bit bulkier but I ran out of patience, and I think this works anyway =)

What do you think??

Christmas Star Wreath hanging on our foor... yes my door needs painting a nicer colour!

Christmas Star Wreath hanging on our foor… yes my door needs painting a nicer colour!

Wreath close-up

Wreath close-up