I love spray paint! I’ve seen this DIY all over Pinterest and also on blogs around the place, so thought I would give it a try myself. It is so super easy and quick, and you don’t need a lot of supplies, so it’s already a favourite of mine.

DIY Dinosaur Jars

DIY Dinosaur Jars

I used a jar that had been sitting empty in my pantry for ages, but I spotted these mason-esque jars in K-Mart the other day for only $2, which would be perfect for this project.DIY Dinosaur Jars

Not part of this tutorial, but I also used a hot glue gun to write Rafael’s name on the jar before painting it. Definitely needs practice, so I’ll be doing a DIY post on that soon!DIY Dinosaur Jars

You will need: A Jar, a plastic toy dinosaur (or any other plastic toy you like), a hot glue gun, and spray paint. I used satin Gold for the top, you could keep the jar clear or paint it also like I did.DIY Dinosaur Jars

First, use the hot glue gun to stick your Dino to the top of the jar lid. Make sure he’s well secured!DIY Dinosaur Jars

Next, take your items outside to spray them! I left it a bit late in the day to do mine (ie, it was night time, and freezing cold!), but they still turned out fine.DIY Dinosaur Jars

Rawr.DIY Dinosaur Jars

This picture above shows the not-so-fantastic results of my hot glue gun writing, and the effect the cold had on the white spray paint. Live and learn and keep experimenting, I say!DIY Dinosaur Jars

I brought the lids and everything else inside to dry so they didn’t get dewey overnight.DIY Dinosaur Jars

And, TA-DA! Really, it was as easy as that, and I think it’s super effective.

DIY Dinosaur Jars

Let me know if you try your hand at any spray-paint projects!