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I had a day of movie watching and sewing today, it was lovely. I’ve been told by many mums that the old cloth nappies are fantastic for just about everything when you have a baby (wiping up messes, shielding yourself from rogue weeing, using as burp cloths and the like), and I was lucky enough to receive 2 big packs of them at my baby shower (thanks Erin and Tom & Milly!). I’ve also been eyeing off this gorgeous burp cloth set made from funky fabrics and beautiful soft chenille, which I plan to buy once bub arrives. So, inspired, I’ve decided to back a few of the colourful flat towel nappies with cotton fat quarters I had in my (super tiny) stash, to make the burp cloths slightly fancier (you know, for special occasions like picnics or parties where you want to be stylish while the baby is vomiting on you…) And here is today’s creation! Blue and Grey =) Mikaela Sewing DIY Burp Cloth I cut rounded corners on the fat quarter, then laid it face down on the towel nappy. After pinning them together, I cut around the cloth nappy about a centimeter larger than the cotton fabric, to allow for fraying. I then did a zig-zag stitch all the way around, leaving a hole of about 10cm. After turning the fabric out (to show right sides out) I did a top-stitch (I think that’s what it’s called!) all the way around, about 1cm in from the edge, sewing up the hole in the process. Mikaela Sewing DIY Burp Cloth And that’s it! Pretty easy, and gives the cloth nappy just a little bit of pizazz =) Mikaela Sewing DIY Burp Cloth

Why don’t you give it a go!