These are a total cinch, why don’t you give them a try this Halloween??

This is part of our Halloween 2014 series, looking back at Mikaela’s personal blog¬†for Halloween inspiration!

Halloween Cupcakes

A few years ago we didn’t really do anything for Halloween, but I still wanted to do something, you know? So I decided to bake some Halloween-style spooky cupcakes. This is the sort of thing ANYONE can do, seriously. I just used a packet mix from the grocery store (White Wings “Dreamy Vanilla Cupcakes” to be exact, as my photo below tells me)m and added a bit of green food colouring to the mix.

I then spooned the mixture out into a muffin tray lined with 12 Patty Cases (just colourful spotty ones, but you can get some great Halloween themed ones at the dollar store).

Then I prepped the tops. I’ve worked with fondant quite a few times, and if you haven’t it can seem a bit daunting, but honestly, it’s much easier to work with than you would think. Just think of it as play-doh. But yummy.

I rolled out a thin layer (between 2 sheets of baking paper, so it doesn’t stick you the rolling pin – or use a fancy cake decorating rolling pin) and used a scone/cookie cutter to cut 6¬†circles. Then I also cut a bunch of letters (B, O, E & K) using mini letter cutters I have.

I made up some regular white icing (icing sugar & water) to help stick the circles onto the cupcakes, and also used this to cover the other 6 cupcakes in white.

Then I laid out the black letter cut-outs to write “BOO” and “EEK” on the white tops, and used the white icing in a piping bag (or if you’re me, a plastic sandwich bag with the tip cut off) to write white letters and draw a ghost and a very dodgy looking bat on the black tops.

And that’s it! Fun to make, fun to eat, why don’t you give it a go this year?

Do you have a great spooky cupcake recipe or decoration technique that you use? Let us know in the comments, I’d love to see a photo!