Gold Foil Painted Mini-Trays

The Makers’ Box for January 2015 included the following project, it’s a lovely home decor item to give as a gift or keep yourself! Follow the tutorial below to make your own!

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DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

Hover and Pin that ⤴︎

In the box:

✚ Clear Gloss Mod-Podge

✚ MDF tray

✚ Light Grey Paint

✚ Gold Foil

✚ Washi tape

You will need:

✚ Paintbrushes

✚ Sponge (optional)

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

This project is one for a long weekend, with a few long drying times, it is well worth it for the stunning result!

Step One: Remove your MDF frame/tray from it’s packaging, and use the paint to coat all the surfaces you will see.

TIP: MDF is quite pourous, so you can actually use the Mod Podge to prime the tray first if you want to, just give it two coats of Mod Podge and let dry before painting.

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

Step Two: Once the paint is a nice solid colour and is completely dry, use the wash tape to create a geometric pattern on the base of the tray. Wherever you stick the tape will remain grey, the areas you leave bare will be coated in gold leaf.

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

Step Three: Once you are happy with your pattern, use a paintbrush or sponge to dab a light coat of Mod Podge on all the areas that are not taped. Make sure you go all the way over the tape too, so you get nice crisp lines.

Step Four: Leave the base for a few minutes to become tacky (not wet).

Step Five: Carefully place your gold leaf sheets over the sticky base, and use a clean, dry paintbrush to very carefully pat down the leaf onto the tacky surface, being sure to pay extra attention to the edges of each area where it meets the tape.

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

Step Six: Leave the base to set for a few more minutes, and then carefully peel away the Washi Tape to reveal the grey areas of the base. The tape may leave a sticky residue on your base, don’t worry too much as we will be coating the base later with the Mod Podge to seal everything, but do be careful not to get any fluff or lint stuck to these areas.

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

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Step Seven: Using the Mod Podge as a glue now, paint the back of the “frame” of the tray and the edges of the base of the tray, and stick together. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes.

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

TIP: The gold foil now looks awesome, right? You can certainly stop now and leave the tray as-is, but if left bare and exposed to air, it will tarnish over time. If you want to avoid this you will need to seal the surface. You can do so with the Mod Podge (as per step 8 below) but this often dulls down the brightness of the gold leaf. To get around this you could opt to coat the tray surface in epoxy resin instead of Mod Podge, which you can get from most art & craft stores… it is entirely up to you!

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

Step Eight (optional): With a clean, dry brush, use the Mod Podge as a sealant and paint several coats (leaving each to dry for 15-20 minutes before applying the next coat) over the entire tray, until you are happy with the result.

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

Step Nine: Snap a photo of your creation and post on Instagram, tagging #themakersbox and @themakers.collective, or post straight to our Facebook Page! We’d love to see what you create =)

DIY craft Gold Foil Tray tutorial

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