We’re entering the home stretch now in both pregnancy and the Nursery Makeover, thank goodness! I’ve overcome some road blocks and the room is almost ready for bubs arrival (it could probably even handle an early arrival, *hint hint bubba*)…

Take a peek at the feature wall, marvel at my amazing productivity this late in the game and  help me with my styling shenanigans!

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint

Hover and Pin that ⤴︎

I’m so happy with how the Nursery Makeover is coming along! It seemed to be stalled for a while there, but we’re back on track now =) And I have some tips to share:

Overcoming roadblocks is the key to Getting Shit Done.

I’ve decided to not worry about doing the floorboards just yet. As I mentioned in a previous post of the series, we were planning on doing just the nursery to begin with, then the rest of the house further down the track. The problem is, I want good quality floating floors, and right now there is NONE locally available that I LOVE. And if we’re spending a fairly premium price for the premium goods, I want to LOVE it.

Another reason for holding off is the fact that there is a large possibility of any particular colour being discontinued (which is what has happened to the two options I really LOVED), in which case we then wouldn’t be able to continue with the same flooring throughout the whole house. So that would suck.

I also realised that umming and ahhing about the flooring and looking around for samples and quotes was holding me back from getting anything else done in the room.

The decision made, I got stuck into the room over the weekend and JA put the cot back together (which has been hanging out in our shed for the past year or so, mumsie washed it off for me, thank you! ♥︎), I finished off the little bits of painting, started putting things back on the shelves and organised all the itty bitty baby clothing into the drawers and cabinets (this bit was the most fun, obviously).

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint stag clock

I moved the frames on the wall over to accommodate the Stag Clock from Kmart in the centre above the cot, organised the stuff that was still sitting on the desk into storage containers, and put the handles back on the filing cabinet drawers. I felt very accomplished, seeing as these days I walk 10 metres and have to sit down for a little rest (#37weekspregnantugh).

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint stag clock

I’d forgotten how beautiful the morning light is that comes in through this window, so I will need to think of a way to allow that to still happen if we get new curtains.

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint styling

Painting a wall is the fastest way to update a room

I mentioned previously that initially I was planning on doing a spot of wall-papering on the wall beneath the overhead shelving, but then I saw something on Pinterest and knew I had to give it a try. I’ll be posting a step-by-step tutorial of my own on how to achieve the look in the next week or so.

Here’s a snap of the Geometric Feature Wall that was incredibly easy, so quick, and so satisfying to complete:

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint feature wall

Interior Styling is a whole other ballgame to Graphic Design

I love having a stylish home, but I’m just kind of crap at it. I have far too much STUFF, and am not a natural at creating vignettes or styling areas or corners of the house. Give me a graphic design or photography project any day! =P

I’m trying though 😉 If anyone has any suggestions or tips for what to do with these empty shelves (and the ones with stuff on them already!), I’d love your input!

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint styling

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint styling

I still need to finish off sewing the curtains for the front of the cabinets and under the desk to hide the junk under there, which I’m hoping to do this week. Then once that’s done, we might be ready for a big reveal! I’m going to try and do a video post for that one 😉

DIY Nursery Makeover grey and mint feature wall

 Please let me know in the comments what you think I should do with the shelves!


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