The Makers’ Hub, the creative studio space I opened last year in Canberra for local makers, is really, really pretty. I’m going to give you a super-quick studio tour here now, care of Periscope!

Has anyone tried out the Periscope app yet?? I’m loving it! (If you’ve never heard of it, Samara has posted a Getting Started on Periscope guide and How to Kick Ass on Periscopeย post on Bloggers Collective)

Each video is so raw and unedited, I love that it gives you what feels like a personal connection to the person broadcasting. Everyone seems to be jumping on board too, from bloggers & entrepreneurs to celebrities! You can ask questions by typing them in and they pop up on the screen, but if you save the video and upload to your website later (as I have done here) the questions don’t show up in the video… So it looks like I’m talking to myself a lot in this one, but the “girls” I keep referring to in it are the lovely Merrymaker Sisters!

So here it is, a very quick look at The Makers’ Hub space:

Let me know what you think, and please tell me, what would your dream creative space look like??

{The Makers’ Hub is no longer operating out of the space in Macquarie, you can follow the facebook page for updates}