Now that you’ve been all ears with your customers (read our last post here) I bet you’re busting to chat your little heart out to them. Here’s my number two top tip for connecting with customers:

Knowledge sharing

As a business owner you’ve done your fair share of research, you’ve experimented with different materials and products, explored new product ranges, read articles online and offline, developed your own network of mentors and you know your industry really well. All of this knowledge equips you with some great info to share with your customers through social media. We all love to learn and we respect those who take the time to give it to us for free.

Sharing knowledge is another business offering on top of your usual sales offering and the great thing is it gives you more content to post on social media. Offering your knowledge gives you more credibility as a business owner and as an expert in your field. When someone reads a tip from you they think ‘that’s a handy tip <insert your name/brand here> gave me!’ and this just gave you brownie points in their subconscious and conscious mind!

In developing content to share on social media I find it best to sit down with some paper (or some fancy pants app you love) and do a bit of brainstorming. If you were your own customer what types of things would you like to learn about? What would be some really useful information about a product or what you can do with a product? There you go, there’s some fabulous ideas for social media posts, blogs and vlogs!

Here are some examples I came up with when thinking about some small local businesses I know in my local area.

Lamp shade designer– offer tips on the various effects of different light bulbs (soft light, crisp light, warm light, cool light, mood lighting), how a lampshade can transform when the switch is flicked on/off, how to select a lamp for your space (how to style patterned shades vs plain shades), how to choose the size or shape of your shade.

Jewelry designer– talk about the origin of your beads (were they found at a market, are they a precious heirloom, handmade by you), talk about the meanings behind precious stones, how to wear a necklace (what length for what neckline), how to style your product with other fashion items.

Photographer– what to wear to a photo shoot (colours, textures, style), how to pose, how to choose locations with your photographer, the pros and cons of each season for photos, share amazing locations in your area along with examples of your shoots at those locations.

Online fabric store– offer tips on fabric care, pairing fabrics together (how to mix and match prints, unexpected fabric mixes), suitable fabrics for the season (weather and colour wise), sewing tips and tutorials, what you’ve been making lately and with what fabric (promote your product in a roundabout way).

Are your products on trend? If that’s a yes then show off the latest trend with some pictures of colour swatches, textures, shapes etc and then show how your products can be incorporated to create the look.

When you start brainstorming you can come up with quite a lot of things to share- just try to link back to your product or service where you can. You don’t want this to be a blatant promotion for your work all the time though. Getting the balance between sharing free information and promoting your business is one that needs experimenting- it varies for every customer so make sure you know who your ‘ideal customer’ is. After brainstorming look at the estimated number of posts you have and this will then help you figure out how often you share knowledge. You may choose to post on a set day each week or perhaps fortnightly or monthly- just ensure its manageable with the information you have to share and with the time you have to develop the content.


Not sure what knowledge you can share for your business?? Write a comment below with the nature of your business and we’ll have a think about some topics.

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