With the success of the 2015 Wall Planner, I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few enquiries recently about when the 2016 Planner will be available… To those people I want to say: Thank you SO much for asking, honestly I really appreciate it. It’s really nice when something you’ve created and sold actually helps people enough that they want to buy it again the following year, so really, thank you!! (Yeah I did also actually reply to their emails saying thank you =P)

So, what is the answer?

Well, as much as I would love to get the 2016 Planners printed all fancy pants again, it’s just not going to happen this year. I wasn’t super happy with the process, and while they looked amazing, it was really expensive to get them printed, plus the time for packing, cost of postage (for you!) and having lots left over (from having to get such a large print run) have all contributed to my decision on how to move forward for the next lot of Planners.

I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do about the 2016 Planner for the last month or so, and have finally come to the conclusion that I will be designing a 2016 Planner as a digital file to be printed by the purchaser.

It will be the same size (and available in multiple colour themes), and cost $4.95.

It can then be printed at Officeworks for $22 (and laminated for an extra $11.75 if that’s what you’re into!), they have a $5.95 delivery fee for orders under $55, or free delivery for orders over $55. So the total cost if you get one printed and pick up from the store will be $26.95 =)

The 2016 Planner will also include a bonus monthly “Get It Done” file that can be printed at home on A4 or A5, with more room for project reminders, sales goals, blog themes, birthdays etc. This is going to be a pretty useful and therefore awesome bonus, so you might want to buy the 2016 Planner just to nab this download, even if you don’t get the full yearly wall planner printed.

I’m getting a bit excited just talking about it actually =P

I’m hoping to have the planner available for purchase in the next few weeks (there is a LOT going on at the moment though with my 30 Day Creative Challenge and the launch of The Makers Academy coming up, so we’ll see how that goes!).


Please let me know if there’s anything specific you think I should include in the bonus monthly “Get It Done” designs, or how I can improve on the full year planner design!

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