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You’re trying to figure out how you can turn your creative hobby into something more. You haven’t made any sales yet, but you love learning and want some encouragement and support to make it happen.

You have launched your business and have sold some products here and there, but are not selling enough to generate a consistent income. You need help identifying what you should be focusing on and what’s going to make the biggest impact right now to help you get more consistent sales.

You run your own business as a side-hustle or full time – You’re getting consistent sales but are overwhelmed with the amount of work to do and don’t have the time, energy or capacity to work on your business to scale it effectively.

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Meet the Maker

Hey Makers

There are just 7 key areas you need to work on to create a brand that your customers love.

I've created a free online tool to assess how you're going in each of the key areas – it pin-points where you are in your business journey, uncovers what you’ve been missing and helps you discover the exact area of focus that’s right for YOU, right now.

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