Makers Academy Scholarship Application

Scholarship info

The Makers Academy is an online education platform for women around the world to be able to develop their business skills, while being supported by an encouraging community of makers and creatives. The Makers Academy Scholarship Program provides support for women in the first stages of starting and growing their own business.

The scholarship program is an opportunity for participants to also gain advice and mentorship from someone who has travelled the path and is passionate to see them succeed.

Each scholarship recipient receives a Makers Academy Full Enrolment Package ($595 value) and one 30 minute private online consultation ($50 value). A total of 17 full scholarships will be awarded, selected by The Makers Co and leaders in our creative community. 

A Makers Academy Full Enrolment Package includes the following:

Build Your Own Website course (Free) 
Divi Masterclass ($49 value) 
Blogging for Beginners – released October 2017 ($49 value) 
Photography for Beginners ($97 value) 
Product Photography – released June 2017 ($97 value)
Photos for Social Media – released August 2017 ($49 value)
Business – Plan Class ($149 value)
Business – Launch Class ($149 value)
Business – Grow Class ($149 value)
Graphic Design for Small Biz – released Dec 2017 ($149 value)
Clever Design Club – released September 2017 ($197 value)
Design Tech Skills – released Feb 2018 ($149 value)


All self-identifying women from around the globe are eligible to apply. 

I strongly encourage applications from women who:

  • are struggling with financial hardship
  • have survived or are experiencing domestic violence
  • are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • are recent refugees

though this is not a requirement for applying.

Applicants from outside of Australia please note the Makers Academy business classes contain lessons on tax and legal requirements applicable to Australian residents only.

Application instructions/submission requirements

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Ensure all details (especially your email address) is correct before submitting. 

Your answers will be confidential and will only be shared with the people selecting scholarship recipients. Your personal information is safe and will never be given to any third parties outside of the scholarship selection panel.

Application due date

All applications are due by Friday 12th May at 8pm. Any applications received after this time will not be included in the selection process.

How will we announce the winners?

The winners will be announced on The Makers Co blog and Facebook page, and winners will be notified individually via email. 


Scholarships are now closed for 2017