In this episode of the #MakersTV I talk about how to get more mailing list signups using an opt-in. It’s simple and easy!



So what is an opt-in? It can be called lead magnet but it really is just an incentive for people to want to sign up to your mailing list. In terms of what you might use as an opt in, there are endless examples. Some of these examples are the following:

Discount codes

If you are selling products or if you have an e-commerce business then this is something that several companies usually do. When you sign up to their mailing list, they give you huge discounts on your first purchase. But just make sure you still make a profit and you are not working at a loss. This allows you to incentivize your subscribers to stay on your mailing list. 

A PDF guide

If you’re selling courses, giving out information, or doing something similar, you may provide a guide that your target audience would find valuable. Like a guide of a DIY or a HOW TO guide which can help your customers.

Access to a VIP area

It can also be something like giving access to a VIP area which I also do in my website. The Makers Collective gives you access to a lot of free stuff like a monthly planning sheet, small business brand identity checklist, and other stuff to help you organize and start your business if you sign up to the newsletter. You can check out my free resources here


If you are  a graphic designer or a social media manager, you can give away templates which your subscribers really need for their business. It should also make your audience feel that there is a gap between where they currently are and where they can actually be if they purchased your services and products. 

Free pattern

Give a free pattern as a tester so that they would want to check your other patterns. A simple accessory as a tester would be a great way to make your customers get a sense of what your product has to offer so that they can decide whether to repurchase from you or not.

Free video training

We see this a lot of Youtube nowadays from how to use your product, how to do your make up, how to feel your best, the list goes on. This is an opportunity to go into the deeper motivations as to why your customers buy your products and services. 

Free trial

You can also give a trial box of a gift kit when they subscribe but again you wouldn’t want to give away too much of your stuff for free or at a loss. 


This is also very effective as long as it is relevant to your business. It provides a result which your customers can share across facebook and it is a fun thing to do!

Other examples include a checklist, planner, Ebook, and a cheatsheet, among others.

If you’re using mailchimp or wordpress, it’s super easy! All you need to do is set up a mailchimp form, put it in your website and mention the opt-in. You can get the first names (to make it more intimate) and email addresses of your potential subscribers and once your target audience signs up, all you need to do is have a link to the download of that guide in your confirmation or thank you email. You can customize it and align it to your brand. 

I can show you a more complex and in depth way of doing this by checking out my courses and trainings on wordpress, facebook ads, and business fundamentals you would need to strengthen your brand at the Makers Academy

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