I’m starting a blog series documenting my journey attending market stalls in Canberra, from my very first, very small stall at Handmade Canberra way back in 2010 (and not knowing what the hell I was doing much of the time), to being a regular stall holder through 2012 and beyond. 

My Market Journey Series

Luckily for me, I documented all this on my personal blog, and will be re-posting those entries here. When I read over my old posts, I saw that I was quite open and honest about all the things I sucked at, what failed, and my plans to improve. I’m hoping this will help people who may be just starting out selling their wares at markets, to show what most new-market goers go through, and to give you the confidence to really smash it at your next one! =)

The first post is short and sweet, but I think it captures the excitement of being accepted into your first big market nicely 😉

Feb 18, 2010

Officially Accepted to the Markets!

Weeeeee XD

I’ll have an outdoor stall on Sunday 28th March at the Canberra Handmade Markets, held at Kamberra Wine Company in Lyneham. For this stall I will only be selling my buttons and magnets, but that suits me just fine. Might have got a bit overwhelming otherwise…

So it’s all systems go, tags have been ordered, I’ll be making table covers and experimenting with different table displays over the coming weeks to see what works best. I need to purchase a gazebo or large umbrella (a requirement of an outdoor stall), but once that is in the bag I’ll have everything I need.

Mikaela Magnets

Mikaela Magnets

Mikaela Magnets

Mikaela Magnets

Mikaela Magnets

Gift Bags

This is exciting for me =)

Are you thinking of or preparing to apply for a market stall? What is most the most exciting/scary part for you?

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