Hey there, New Business Adventurer!

Women are amazing. And #sorrynotsorry for the language, women running their own businesses are fucking incredible. 

I know it is frigging HARD WORK to be self-employed. Whether it’s a side-hustle to a “regular” job, a “nap-time empire” type deal (working from home around kids), or your full-time adventure – running your own business can sometimes feel like it’s owning you.

Especially when you’re slogging it out everyday but not making consistent sales. 

The Makers’ Co is here to empower you to take action and get shit done, to make sure you’re focusing on the right thing right now and that the 7 key areas of your business are up to scratch so those sales start coming in more consistently.

We’re in this together. I’m here to encourage and inspire you, motivate you and hold you accountable, and most importantly, everyone in the Makers Community supports each other through this crazy adventure of highs and lows and everything else along the way.

The Makers' Co Private Group

If this sounds pretty great to you, I recommend joining our Makers’ Co private online group – This group is for the makers and creators of the world, following their own path and experiencing the small business adventure.

I choose to surround myself with brilliant women and men who understand that we can all make it, together – and I want you along for the ride! Share your experiences, issues, achievements, advice and encouragement with each other, post your current projects and interact with other members – because business is not a race, it’s an adventure, and we all need to have each others’ backs to reach the summit.

Join the free private Facebook Group here

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