As a maker, small business owner and all round kick-ass person, you are no doubt under the pump trying to do it all and MORE every, single, day. As your business grows you may find yourself pulled in far too many directions and your creative mojo suffering as a result.

Outsourcing 101 - Looking for a VA

Let’s just get one thing straight:

Your mojo is your mojo and should be protected at ALL costs.

A virtual assistant can step in when the going gets tough and alleviate some of that pressure. Before we get into the HOW, let’s start with the WHAT:

So, what even IS a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant comes in many shapes and forms and each has a different set of capabilities but in a nutshell: a virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. 

Good, glad we’ve got that little mystery solved.

The next thing is HOW. HOW can a virtual assistant help keep that mojo of yours to in-check?

Let me break it down for you in 6 easy steps:

Step 1 of project mojo is to identify the tasks that are becoming cumbersome, time consuming or that you don’t actually like doing. Is keeping your Instagram account up to scratch draining the life out of you? Does the thought of sending weekly e-newsletters make you want to hide under the table? Are web updates doing your head in? Identify your key mojo sucker and you’re well on your way.

Step 2 of project mojo is to estimate the time it is taking you to complete said mojo-sucking task. It is 3 hours a week? Is it far too many hours to count? Whatever it is, write it down ready for mission ‘find kick-ass virtual assistant’. No doubt, this will take them LESS time than it takes you but it’s a good idea to have a starting point.

Step 3 of project mojo is to find your match. Grab a cup of tea and your laptop because you are about to get comfy with your old friend Mr. Google. Think about the qualities you want your VA to have. We’re not talking ‘leggy blonde with pearly teeth’ here. More like ‘social media specialist’ or ‘copywriter’ or ‘marketer’. Punch those terms in and let Mr Google take you on an adventure. Next, choose 3 VA’s that stand out to you.


Step 4 of project mojo is to contact each and every one of the VA’s on your list. Provide a full brief encompassing details such as tasks, frequency, time requirement, tell them all about your business then ask for a quote. VA’s are nosy folk, they like to be armed with all details before moving forward. TIP: they can be picky too. If they don’t feel your vibe they may not progress to a quote. Don’t be offended, the best way to choose a kick-ass VA is to find one that feels your mojo.

Step 5 of project mojo is compare your VA shortlist. Yes, price will play a massive part in this but considering other aspects like: skill level, personality, location, communication style and vibe will go a long way to building a successful working relationship.

Step 6 of project mojo is to commence working with your rockstar VA! TIP: It will take a couple of week’s to find your ‘flow’. You may love talking on the phone while your VA really responds well to the written word. That’s ok – spend the time working on this relationship and you’ll be mojo risin in no time.

And there you have it; in 6 easy steps you’ve managed to get your mojo back!

Now, chillax, get those creative juices flowin’ and enjoy the serenity.


Marissa is The Savvy Assistant. She is a virtual assistant specialising in copywriting, social media and marketing. Marissa is a self confessed caffeine addict by day, wine enthusiast by night and a sometimes fitness junkie. When she’s not busy being savvy, she’s busy chasing the cheeky and charming men in her life, Adam & Oliver.

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