Before we get carried away with what social media platforms you should be using let’s talk more about why social media should be a big part of your marketing mix. Whether you’re planning product global domination or just want to make some moolah to justify your next trip to the craft store (or shoe store might be more your thing), social media can do big things for your hobby or business.

Prior to social media an online presence was the most important thing for your business and don’t get me wrong it’s still important to be searchable in an instant but now it’s time to connect on a personal level.

Social media when used as a marketing tool is a great platform for showcasing your products or services to potential customers.  It provides useful research into the buying behaviours of your customers through measureable data, interactions directly with your customer and through customer feedback. Social media is largely driven by word of mouth and is an earned media not a paid media channel like print, tv and radio for example.  Earned media may be someone writing a story on your brand, an individual sharing your images or videos, or a blog feature on your latest product range.  Instead of paying someone to do this for you, you are earning your marketing through influencing an individual who in turn influences their own networks.  You don’t control the messages that are being conveyed about your brand but you can influence them greatly through your social media interactions.

In a world where most products are mass-produced and the origin (apart from the made in <insert country here> label) is unknown, consumers are increasingly making educated purchases and are curious about creators and the life they live.  We are the makers, motivators and thought changers, the ones with big dreams who dare to experiment and don’t care to fail if in the end it brings us to success.  And that’s what people want to connect with on a personal level.  Social media is an opportunity to showcase your personality and your brand personality, a place to take people along on the journey a place where you can build trust, build friendships, build networks and develop a following.  This following will then become one of your businesses biggest assets.


Figured out what social media is all about?!?!  It’s all about your customers, yes it’s kind of about your products but as soon as you jump into social media you’ll soon find that you’re focusing more and more on your customer.  In our next post we’re going to discuss connecting with customers through social media and how to turn them into your minions…*oops sorry… I mean brand advocates.


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