Creating images for your blog or website that can be shared far and wide and still lead back to your business, blog or website doesn’t have to be tedious or difficult – especially if you set up your file once and use it again and again with new images and text to create a range of images you can use again and again. 

I’ve created a video for you here showing how I create images for my blog posts that are sharable across all social media platforms. You’ll want to keep your website title (or business name) visible but not have it be the main focus of the image, or people won’t want to share it. Also be sure your images stay true to your brand

How to Create Sharable Graphics in Photoshop - VIDEO - The Makers Co

In the video below I go through creating a new document in Photoshop; setting document size, resolution and colour space; working with type layers; dragging images from one open file to another; using a text box to constrain text to an area; resizing text boxes; styling text with the character palette; paragraph alignment; using the content aware fill; using the clone stamp tool; using keyboard shortcuts; changing text colour using the eyedropper tool; utilising smart guides and changing the opacity of text. 

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Click below to start watching!

Please let me know in the Makers’ Co Community group if you try this out, and if you want to post a link below in the comments I’d love to see your shiny new sharable post graphic in action!

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