Today on #MakersTV I’m talking about the one thing that really really gets people stuck when growing or starting their business.


I want to share with all of you how a friend of mine has accomplished so much success in just 6 months. Normally, other people would take years to accomplish everything she had in months. 

Make decisions quickly

It came down to how quickly she made decisions in her business. It wasn’t always the correct decision but if it was a bad decision, she was able to pivot and correct the mistake or do something else. Don’t take too much time in deciding especially when it comes to choosing your selling platform, pricing, and stuff you can learn as you go or don’t really matter that much and can be changed later. 

When it comes to petty problems like choosing your payment platform, just go ahead and ask some people. Don’t think about it too much! Things like your business name does matter but don’t spend months thinking about it. Your name, brand, and logo can be changed and repositioned later. 

Don’t be scared if it’s the wrong decision

People sometimes wait for the right time, wanting not to make mistakes. The thing is, business is so personal to who you are and is very subjective, What may be right and wrong for others may not be the same for you. You can only figure it out once you decide to do it. Weight out the options and don’t be scared to make the wrong decisions.

When and if you make the wrong decisions and fail, stand  up and learn from it. It’s fine! Move on and do something else. Because tomorrow is another day and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Again, LEARN from the experience and assess why and how you failed. I talk about this in relation to my very own experience in this blog post, How to get good at failing in business.

So if you feel like you’re stuck and if you have a decision you are struggling with at the moment, I can help you and give you that little push. Go head on to The Makers Collective and get access to a lot of tools and resources that can help you’re to scared to make a mistake and you have trouble making decisions quickly!




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