I visited the Handmade Canberra Markets late last year and interviewed a bunch of my friends to find out how they got started and what advice they might have for YOU to take the plunge and apply to sell your thing at a local market.

In this episode of The MakersTV, I chat to Erin of Honey & Glow. Erin and I met a few years ago when she and Marty were in need of some help with getting their website up and running!

Erin and Marty make beautiful, health-full products you will love – all with beeswax and honey straight from the hive. They are beekeepers, permaculture farm builders and wanna-be homesteaders from the outskirts of Canberra, Australia.

Every one of their products is crafted by them, with the intention of showcasing the natural beauty and goodness of Australian beeswax and raw honey. They are simple products, with the least number of ingredients possible.

You can check out Honey & Glow to get to know more about her products!

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